Social impact

PRO Services strives to achieve a positive social impact across four main areas: individual; employer; the client company and society.

Individual/Society/Clients: Stress-free persons = healthier family relations + a more compassionate society + healthier companies. Employer: Negative stress experience is a qualification.


Regular workplace stress can have a negative effect on physical and mental health; it negatively affects relationships within families, friends and society; and can cause great personal and financial costs to the individual. By removing stressors from the work environment, we can help individuals live a longer and happier life and contribute more productively to society.


As an employer we strive to lead by example, by creating a work environment for our employees with as little negative work related stress as possible.

The client company

According to research, our clients will most likely experience a reduction in staff turnover and recruitment costs; higher productivity due to less absenteeism and presenteeism1; and a better reputation as an employer, when stress levels in the company are lowered. This will help the company to not only survive, but to grow and increase employment opportunities for the wider society.


Reduced workplace stress can lower the healthcare costs, loss of taxable income and increase productivity for society as a whole. Additionally, less stressed and more engaged citizens, have better social relations with their family and friends. They are more engaged in charity work and voluntary organisations, and thus support wider societal needs.

  1. Presenteeism is when employees comes to work but are not able to preform their duties to the normal standards. [return]