About Us

Eva Gannert

Eva Gannert has degrees in Mathematics and Scientific Computing / Computational Science and has worked on the Swedish Twin Study as well as the Irish research project “Growing Up in Ireland”.

She has an analytic mindset and enjoys optimisation of any processes, from the route to the grocery store to team collaboration and task performance. Eva has an unique way of approaching challenges: when everyone is striving to “Think Outside the Box” to find a solution to the problem she easily finds the perfect challenge parcel and is gift wrapping it for you. The conclusion on what steps to take in facing the challenge comes as naturally as breathing.

Her career started in market research focusing on data processing and Project Management. Hired as data specialist, she progressed to Project Manager for three out of four of the largest projects in the company within five months, one of which was the company’s part of the Swedish Twin Study. By working on three high-stakes projects with demanding clients in combination with a perfectionist mindset and, at the time, failing health she experienced burnout in 2012.

The recovery road was long and winding, and an explorative experience during which she gained experience working as an Office Manager, in the Hospitality Industry and in Sales. This broadened and expanded Eva’s skills-set and complemented her experience gained while working part-time in parallel with her university studies, when she worked as a receptionist and as a teacher at secondary as well as university level.

When she felt ready for it, Eva returned to full professional capacity and took up a position as Market Readiness Officer in a project with over 90 stakeholders in Ireland. Yet again she had found a position that challenged her both physically and mentally, with work into late nights and learning a new programming language to professional level in less than two weeks. Here she discovered firsthand the difference a supportive manager makes to stress levels. Now her interest in Stress and Stress Management had been awakened for real, not just for the benefit of her own recovery.

Eva followed this position with a position at the Economic and Social Research Institute in Ireland and the project Growing Up in Ireland. Here she once again mastered a new programming language, this time in 10 days. While enjoying the collegiality and social aspects of the job, it soon proved boring due to monotony, exposing her to yet another type of work-life stressor: boredom. In the meantime she had colleagues suffering greatly from stress due to lacking computer systems making them having to work overtime on a daily basis.

This gave birth to the idea of PRO Services: to help employees get reduced stress levels and thereby helping companies provide better services as well as be more efficient and productive.

PRO Services GmbH

PRO Services, Process and Resource Optimisation Services GmbH, is a stress management company that identifies and removes causes of negative stress in the workplace.

Our goal is to create work environments with as little negative work-related stress as possible. Less stressed employees are more productive and contribute to more healthy social relationships, innovation and compassionate societies.

Set up in March 2019 by Eva Gannert the founder and CEO, PRO Services offer tailored stress management solutions unique for each client.